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Around The World Box

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Tired of the same old boring snacks found in convenience and grocery stores? Our Around The World Snack Subscription box takes you on an exciting journey to try unique snacks from all over the world!  Each month our expert planners carefully pack each box with a wide selection of delicious and exciting snacks from around the world! Boxes may include: Chocolate/Chocolate Bars, potato chips, cookies and candy and more! Each box contains your Monthly Around the World Passport that provides you with a description of each product as well as which country it came from. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) Are the products I receive monthly from one Country or multiple counties?

A) Each box will contain products from multiple countries! It is our goal to make each box as exciting as possible and we know our customers will love the variety!


Q) Which countries do the items come from?

A) Examples of the countries we select the tastiest snacks from currently include: The United States, The United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Cuba, Columbia, Peru, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand and Switzerland and more!


Q) Do I receive different items each month?

A) Yes! You will receive different items each month! It is our goal to make each box as exciting as possible!


Q) Do you ship chocolate during the warmer spring/summer months?

A) Yes! All delicate chocolate items are shipped in a thermal pouch with ice packs at no extra charge in order to prevent melting or heat damage. 


Q) When will I be billed and when does my first box ship?

A) You will be billed on the date you subscribe and your first box will shipped within 24 hours.


Q) What is the advantage of subscribing?

A) Subscribers also receive special discounts and offers not available to non-subscribers.


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